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Calcium and Vitamin D Benefits

Issues related with the bones (fractures and osteoporosis) are much more frequent as one grows older. A diet high in calcium and vitamin D helps absorb and fix the necessary calcium, improving the bone health and preventing or delaying the onset of these problems.

Adolescence is a stage of accelerated growth, with a significant increase in height and skeletal mass. During this stage, the consumption of calcium and vitamin D is of utmost importance to ensure the proper formation of the bones. It is recommended that the high calcium intake be maintained until age 20 to 25 to acquire good density and bone strength.

Foods high in calcium:
Milk, yogurt, cheese, soy, chickpea, broad beans, lentils, almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, salmon, sardines in oil, chard, spinach.

Foods high in vitamin D:
Sardines, tuna, cheese, mushrooms, egg, milk and yogurt.

Other foods fortified with calcium or vitamin D:
Vegetable-based milk and cheese (soy, almond), some breakfast cereals and juices.

High consumption of calcium through foods does not provoke toxicity. This can only be provoked through nutritional supplements.

It's important to distribute the calcium dose throughout the day.

Jorge de Jesús Garza Flores

NutriTip's Recommended Dishes

$55.00 MXN

Panela Cheese bathed in Tomato Sauce

$85.00 MXN

Steamed Fish Steak with Vegetables

$60.00 MXN

Yogurt and Fruit with Granola (Large)