Business Medical Service

Hospital Santander: Quality Services Facilitator

We help companies get clear and reliable information that will serve as support in making decisions for the hiring of personnel, thus avoiding risks in the work environment and in the safety of companies.

The Most Competitive Medical Vanguard

Currently, companies, being an important source of employment, need to create, strengthen and sustain a culture in occupational risk prevention that effectively protects their valuable human capital and comply with the current legal framework.

In this way it is feasible to know to what extent a certain risk is affecting the health of the exposed workers, allowing to establish adequate prevention measures.

We provide a strategy for companies looking for competitive costs, reduction of risks at work and a personalized approach to their needs. With this information, the employer can make better informed decisions in favor of a better work environment.

Labor Welfare

Our services help foster a more pleasant work environment with healthier employees.

Our commitment is to be an ally that facilitates compliance with current labor standards and develops strategies to achieve the objectives of companies that have acquired social responsibility as part of their ethics and that trust that their employees' health is a essential factor of competitiveness.

Check Ups

Diagnostic tests and medical consultation with specialists.

Maternity Plans

Designed for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Medical Care Agreements

Ambulatory and hospital care at a preferential price.

Loss Control

Solutions for high incidences in major medical expenses.

Health Events

Providing medical monitoring to your company.

Red Lights

Detect medical risk profiles for the work environment.

Informative Medical Talks

Take prevention and safety topics directly to your employees.

Shuttle Service

We operate the logistics of transfer to and from the hospital.


Company Committed to the Workers Education


National Day of Preparation and Response to Chemical Emergencies 2012-2018


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