Santander Benefit Plan


Consultations at preferential price

  • General medicine: $ 9.00 USD
  • Nutrition: $ 9.00 USD
  • Medical speciality:
    $ 11.00 - $ 12.50 USD

Discounts in diagnostic studies from 15% on:

  • X-rays
  • Laboratory
  • Mammography
  • CAT Scan
  • Ultrasound

Attention schedule

Pass Sales Hours

Monday to Friday
09:00 - 14:00 hr
16:00 - 19:00 hr

09:00 - 14:00 hr

Specialty consultation passes are issued at External Consultation (MMI).

The patient requesting the pass must show the company's identification badge and major medical expenses card.


Empresa Comprometida con la Educación de sus Trabajadores


Programa Moderniza

Specialist Directory

The special cost of consultations with specialist doctors are during their private consultation hours.

Name Telephone
General Surgery
Carlos Oscar Chávez Vargas 8999225708
Jesús Alan Ureña Álvarez 8994553790
Jorge Alberto Hernández García 4491922849
Karla Cicler Molina 8991292050
María Angélica Hernández Vidales 8999591226
Salvador Lázaro Rentería 8999226216
Ulises Octavio Lío Solís 8991602854
Víctor Hugo Castellanos González 8999222483
Xavier Armando González Aguilar 8999222089
Oncologic Surgery
José Antonio García Iñiguez 8999250700
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Alfredo Cedillo Ollervides 8999223656
Pediatric Surgery
César Arnoldo Hernández Paz 8992210313
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Francisco José Rivera Quevedo 8999221704
Oscar Gerardo González Rodríguez 8999221740
Minimally Invasive Biopsy Clinic
Víctor Humberto Salas Mejía 8999216700
Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Clinic
Carlos Oscar Chávez Vargas 8999225708
Jesús Alan Ureña Álvarez 8994553790
Early Stimulation Clinic (Neonatal Pediatrics)
Guadalupe Hernández Bautista 8994549137
Marisol De los Reyes Cárdenas 8994549137
Chronic Wounds and Diabetic Foot Clinic
Ulises Octavio Lío Solís 8991602854
Spine Surgery Specialist
Aldo Daniel Vilchez Villalobos 8999223300
Poisonous Animal Wound Specialist
María Angélica Hernández Vidales 8999591226
José Alejandro Ochoa Jiménez 8999227434
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Alexandrina Ledesma Rivera 8999221598
Alma Norma Martínez Saavedra 8999227149
Arturo Amando Bernal Femat 8999221151
César Augusto Guevara Gutiérrez 8991718449
Constantino Castillo Palacios 8999220379
Gertrudis del Pilar Gómez Mendoza 8991718449
Jessica Selvera Tristán 8120300845
Jorge Felipe Carrillo Mata 8999225898
Luvia Eréndira Covarrubias Acuña 8999249663
María del Pilar Huallpa Frisancho 8999216700
María Guadalupe Bueno López 8999221887
Mario Pérez Ruiz 8999225818
Pedro Alberto Pérez Ponce 8999300473
Rosa María Guerrero Sánchez 8999301894
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Carlos Antonio Villalobos Díaz 8999221392
General Medicine
Irma Yolanda Martínez Guerra 8999216700
Jaime Yearim Morales Cruz 8999216700
María Concepción Amaro Carrizales 8999216700
Miriam Eleanor Gonzalez Quintanilla 8999216700
Oscar Eduardo Martínez Hassan 8999216700
Internal Medicine, Neurology
Raúl Cavazos Sandoval 8999223730
Dental Surgeon
Faride Garza Barrera 8999226092
Manuel Antonio Cortina Montenegro 8999241014
María Graciela Herrera Guajardo 8999301717
Mirna Adelina Garza González 8999249240
Guadalupe Hernández Bautista 8994549137
Manuel Irak Ojeda León 6142350290
Marisol De los Reyes Cárdenas 8994549137
Nutrition and Food Science
Brenda Stephany Martell Salinas 8999216700
Jorge de Jesús Garza Flores 8999216700
Pediatric Dentistry
Juan Carlos Esquivel Perpuli 8999235252
Gustavo Armando Vela Marín 8994556035
Isabel Cristina Contreras Macías 8994556035
Medical Oncology
Alejandro Macedo Castro 8999250700
Ma. de los Ángeles López Vega 8999250700
Radiation Oncology
Agustín Muñoz Villagómez 8999250162
Marco Antonio Corona Díaz 8999250700
Víctor Manuel Rincón Mendoza 8999223003
Edgar Ariel Zanabria García 8999224304
Hugo Sergio Tamayo Vega 8999221887
Neonatal Pediatrics
Guadalupe Hernández Bautista 8994549137
Manuel Irak Ojeda León 6142350290
Marisol De los Reyes Cárdenas 8994549137
Amadeo De León Carrillo 8999227879
Interventional Radiology
Víctor Humberto Salas Mejía 8999216700
Traumatology and Orthopedics
Aldo Daniel Vilchez Villalobos 8999223300
Andrés Vilchis Rodríguez 8999203284
Armando Jesús Cantú André 8999229965
Fernando Villegas Herrera 8999216700
Juan Roberto Vilchez Garza 8999223300
Victor Manuel Orozco Gómez 8999216700
Víctor Omar Reyes Vanegas 8999225726
Andrés Humberto Fernández González 8999221628

Plus Service

Check Ups

Diagnostic tests and medical consultation with specialists.

Maternity Plans

Designed for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Medical Care Agreements

Ambulatory and hospital care at a preferential price.

Loss Control

Solutions for high incidences in major medical expenses.

Health Events

Providing medical monitoring to your company.

Red Lights

Detect medical risk profiles for the work environment.

Informative Medical Talks

Take prevention and safety topics directly to your employees.

Shuttle Service

We operate the logistics of transfer to and from the hospital.

Pre-Admission and Prepaid

Ask about these services.

Hospital Santander: Quality Services Facilitator

We help companies get clear and reliable information that will serve as support in making decisions for the hiring of personnel, thus avoiding risks in the work environment and in the safety of companies.

The Most Competitive Medical Vanguard

Currently, companies, being an important source of employment, need to create, strengthen and sustain a culture in occupational risk prevention that effectively protects their valuable human capital and comply with the current legal framework.

In this way it is feasible to know to what extent a certain risk is affecting the health of the exposed workers, allowing to establish adequate prevention measures.

We provide a strategy for companies looking for competitive costs, reduction of risks at work and a personalized approach to their needs. With this information, the employer can make better informed decisions in favor of a better work environment.

Labor Welfare

Our services help foster a more pleasant work environment with healthier employees.

Our commitment is to be an ally that facilitates compliance with current labor standards and develops strategies to achieve the objectives of companies that have acquired social responsibility as part of their ethics and that trust that their employees' health is a essential factor of competitiveness.