Cafeteria Menu

Santander Cafeteria A healthy cafeteria for everyone. Validated by specialist nutritionists. Mexican, American $ Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card
Low on Calories
Egg White and Green Salad $65.00 MXN
Steamed Fish Steak with Vegetables $85.00 MXN
Mustard Chicken Breast $85.00 MXN
Panela Cheese Quesadilla $55.00 MXN
Panela Cheese bathed in Tomato Sauce $55.00 MXN
Chicken Breast Lettuce Wraps $80.00 MXN
Mexican Tuna Patties $65.00 MXN
Bottled Water (1 liter) $20.00 MXN
Bottled Water (500 ml) $15.00 MXN
Mineral Water $18.00 MXN
Natural Flavored Water (Liter) $50.00 MXN
Natural Flavored Water (Glass) $20.00 MXN
Milk $20.00 MXN
Milkshake $32.00 MXN
American Coffee $20.00 MXN
Meats and Birds
Mexican Steak $90.00 MXN
Ranchero Steak $90.00 MXN
Grilled Steak with 2 Cheese Enchiladas and Guacamole $90.00 MXN
Chicken Fajita Gratin with Bacon and Mushroom $90.00 MXN
Grilled Beef Fajita with Rice and Vegetables $95.00 MXN
Beef Fajita Gratin with Bacon and Mushroom $95.00 MXN
Chicken Milanesa with Fries and Rice $90.00 MXN
Breaded Beef Milanesa with Fries and Rice $90.00 MXN
Grilled Chicken Breast with Rice and Vegetables $85.00 MXN
Grilled Chicken Fajita with Pepper, Onion, Rice and Vegetables $90.00 MXN
Lunch (1 pc.) $60.00 MXN
Lunch (2 pc.) $70.00 MXN
Lunch (3 pc.) $80.00 MXN
Butter Biscuit $19.00 MXN
Cereal $35.00 MXN
Yogurt and Fruit with Granola (Large) $60.00 MXN
Yogurt and Fruit with Granola (Medium) $50.00 MXN
American Breakfast $65.00 MXN
Continental Breakfast $50.00 MXN
Pancakes $50.00 MXN
Pancakes with Bacon or Ham $65.00 MXN
Eggs (Any Style) $60.00 MXN
Divorced Eggs $65.00 MXN
Motuleño Eggs $65.00 MXN
Northern Eggs $60.00 MXN
Mexican Machaca with Eggs $75.00 MXN
Machaca with Eggs $70.00 MXN
Mexican Migas $60.00 MXN
Hot Cheese Migas $60.00 MXN
Migas $58.00 MXN
Mexican Omelet $65.00 MXN
Mushroom Omelet $65.00 MXN
Ham and Cheese Omelet $65.00 MXN
Butter Bread and Marmalade (2 pc.) $18.00 MXN
Pastry $16.00 MXN
Light Tostada $32.00 MXN
Tostadas with Egg and Mexican Sauce $65.00 MXN
Caesar Salad $55.00 MXN
Chicken Caesar Salad $70.00 MXN
Tuna Salad $65.00 MXN
Chicken and Broccoli Salad $90.00 MXN
Fruit Salad $55.00 MXN
Chicken Salad $65.00 MXN
Chef Salad $70.00 MXN
Manchego Cream Chicken Breast $95.00 MXN
Santander Chicken Breast $95.00 MXN
Santander Roll $95.00 MXN
Mexican Specialties
Sour Cream Chilaquiles with Cheese (Red or Green Sauce) $60.00 MXN
Santander Chilaquiles (Red or Green Sauce) $70.00 MXN
Mexican Enchiladas $65.00 MXN
Chicken or Veal Enchiladas (Red or Green Sauce) $68.00 MXN
Santander Enchiladas $70.00 MXN
Swiss Enchiladas $75.00 MXN
Chicken Enmoladas $68.00 MXN
Chicken, Veal or Cheese Entomatadas $68.00 MXN
Flautas (Chicken or Steak) $65.00 MXN
Molletes with Veal, Ham, Bacon and Sausage $55.00 MXN
Beef Fajita Panchos $90.00 MXN
Quesadilla Sincronizada $75.00 MXN
Grilled Flour Tacos $75.00 MXN
Chicken Tacos $58.00 MXN
Tostadas - 3 pc (Chicken or Veal) $65.00 MXN
Extra Beans $25.00 MXN
Extra Guacamole $45.00 MXN
Extra Fries $30.00 MXN
Extra Vegetables $25.00 MXN
Natural Juices
7 Fruit Juice $32.00 MXN
Celery, Pineapple, Cactus and Parsley Juice $32.00 MXN
Apple, Guava and Strawberry Juice $32.00 MXN
Orange, Celery and Cactus Juice $32.00 MXN
Orange, Lemon and Honey Juice (High in vitamin C) $32.00 MXN
Nopal Juice $32.00 MXN
Pear, Apple, Pineapple and Flaxseed Juice (Constipation) $32.00 MXN
Parsley, Celery, Spinach, Ginger, Cucumber, Apple and Lemon Juice $32.00 MXN
Banana, Carrot, Strawberry and Pear Juice (Anxiety control) $32.00 MXN
Tomato, Cucumber and Celery Juice (Cramps) $32.00 MXN
Grapefruit, Spinach, Orange, Papaya and Pineapple Juice $32.00 MXN
Grapefruit, Apple and Celery Juice (Fluid retention) $32.00 MXN
Grapefruit, Orange and Nopal Juice (Flat Belly) $32.00 MXN
Fuze Tea or Lipton $18.00 MXN
Bottled Soda $18.00 MXN
Canned Soda $15.00 MXN
Santander Club Sandwich $65.00 MXN
Burger and Fries $65.00 MXN
Burger (Sandwich Only) $50.00 MXN
Ham and Yellow Cheese Sandwich $50.00 MXN
Panela Cheese Sandwich $60.00 MXN
Anti Stress Smoothie (Strawberry, Pear, Banana and Yogurt) $35.00 MXN
Better Digestion Smoothie (Banana, Pineapple and Papaya) $35.00 MXN
Soups and Creams
Tlalpeño Soup $75.00 MXN
Chicken Soup with Rice $45.00 MXN
Mushroom Cream Soup $48.00 MXN
Corn Cream Soup $48.00 MXN
Cheese Cream Soup $48.00 MXN